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Jenna Collins is a girl whose heart has been broken by her self-absorbed boyfriend, Brad. With some convincing from her best friend Emma, Jenna turns to the dark arts to seek revenge. That vengeance comes in the form of Lillith - a murder-hungry siren from hell. Jenna quickly realizes that her new friend Lily is more than what she bargained for. The lust demon embarks on a sex-fueled killing spree with no end in sight. Can Jenna and her friends stop Lillith in time before the entire campus is doomed? 

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"A ton of laughs, horror and great characters. At a certain point I realized I was literally on the edge of my seat." - Joe P. , NJ

"I really really really hope more people get to see this movie." - Mason, NJ

"An absolute delight! The acting was great, all the characters felt genuine." - Cooper, NJ