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We are Ritterhaus Productions. We’re all creators of interactive web media. Each of our projects has its own cult following and we’ve garnered millions of views in total. That’s how we first met nearly a decade ago — as fans of one another’s work. We’ve been collaborating together ever since on short films and web content.

We created Ritterhaus Productions for our flagship project Lillith — a SAG-AFTRA feature film. We are filmmakers and storytellers first and foremost and want to lend that cinematic edge to your own projects — whether they be music videos, content for social media or advertisements. As commercial filmmakers born of the web, we are ready to lend our unique lens to your creative effort and take your project to the next level.  


"Filmmaking and mixed digital media have fascinated me since I could hit play on a remote or left click a mouse. My passion has always been finding new and exciting ways to engage viewers. For the past nine years that passion was expressed in a long running web-based alternate reality game. My work has been noted in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and several academic publications.


That passion led me to meet Chris, another web creator.  The first time we met I got the chance to really see how Chris could bring complex creative ideas to life, seemingly effortlessly.  He’s creative, driven and organized. After that first meeting, working with Chris became a personal goal. That was achieved on the set of our first feature film, Lillith.


Our third partner, Lee, directed that film. He is a passionate filmmaker and a talented writer. He handled the production with grace, and every member of the cast and crew has expressed their gratitude to be a part of such a fun and engaging project. Working with Lee is great — his friendly personality makes any production a breeze."


“I was inspired to become a filmmaker at a young age, when I discovered a box of my father’s old film school books. It was only a matter of time before I started making short films of my own. I completed my first project at the age of 10, and haven't stopped since. My efforts in web-based horror over the following years led me down a path to meeting Chris and Vince.


When I met Chris, it was the first time I had met someone truly like-minded. Seeing his hard work and dedication was the first time I realized that pursuing filmmaking seriously was a possibility. His level of organization, creativity, and drive is unfounded, and his ability to quickly learn new skills and adapt was integral to bringing Lillith to life.


Vin is someone whose keen business mind and insight in web media never ceases to amaze me. He’s remarkable behind the camera, and a true talent when it comes to innovative, unique, groundbreaking ways to push interactive marketing tactics. When it comes to business, he is always a consummate professional, and an absolute joy to work alongside."


“Filmmaking has been my passion since I was a young child. I would spend hours watching behind-the-scenes special features of my favorite movies. Many years ago I took my first step towards realizing my dreams when I created my web series. Thanks to that fortuitous decision, I eventually met Vin and Lee.


When I met Lee I knew I had met someone who shared that same passion for film. Thanks to him, our first feature film came off the page onto the big screen. His creativity does not have an off switch and he always makes his vision a reality.


Vin was someone I had admired before I had even met him and his work has inspired mine in many ways. He is honestly a visionary and a trailblazer in the field of web media. Not to mention, he’s as nice to work with as he is a true detail-oriented professional.”